NEXT A-Class / Blue Wonder

Mercedes-Benz of Japan came out with a neat little ad for the A-Class in the uniquely Japanese format of anime:

Loved the mini-movie, but the blue truck transporting the noodle stand really caught my eye. After a little research, I discovered it’s called the “Blue Wonder.”

It was devised in 1955 at the request of racing manager Alfred Neubauer for transporting their F1 cars quickly.  The Mercedes prototype department lengthened the frame of a 300 S luxury coupe to 22.1 feet (6.75 meters), strapped in the engine of the legendary 300 SL Gullwing roadster, and finished off the doors, fenders, and interior bits with components from a 180 sedan.

The result was, as Mercedes-Benz claims, the fastest truck of its era.  The original was unfortunately scrapped in 1967, but a replica was factory-built using archive photographs.

It always boggles my mind how tiny everything was back then. Check out how small the Blue Wonder is next to its modern-day equivalent, the Actros:


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