Caterham Motorcycles: Brutus 750, Classic E-Bike, Carbon E-Bike

Ultra-lightweight sports car OEM Caterham revealed the launch of their motorcycle division, which included a portfolio of three diverse bikes.

The Brutus 750 is exactly as it sounds; a go-anywhere off-roader with thick knobby tires, an automatic transmission, and the ability to be converted into a snowmobile in less than four hours.

The Classic E-Bike utilizes retro design packaged with a forward-thinking electric engine.  For people living in the EU, driving this bike won’t even require a license.

The Carbon E-bike is supposedly F1-inspired, although I don’t really see how (liberal use of carbon fiber?).  I can’t hate on its svelte frame and Confederate-Motorcycles-like design though.


All of these look so damn nice! [via WCF]


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  1. twotiretirade · November 6, 2013

    Very Nice!


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