Signal Auto R34 Skyline

This car brings back memories..

.. of playing Need for Speed: Underground.

I was obsessed with this car at that time, and replicated it in the game.  With nearly 1,000 hp under the hood, a double-decker wing, gold Volk wheels, and the same iridescent paint, I was king of the underground street racing scene.  In the game.

What an incredible car.

1999 Nissan R34 GTR V-Spec N1

2.7L Displacement
Greddy 272in 272ex
Greddy Connecting Rods
Greddy Pistons
Greddy Valvesprings
Greddy Pro JIS 10
Greddy Intercooler
HKS Turbo Manifold
HKS F-Con V-Pro
HKS Wastegate
Sard 1000cc Injectors
Signal Custom Air Intake
Tanabe Concept G-Blue Exhaust
Tomei Cam Gear
Splitfire Coilpack
Blitz SBC
Koyo Radiator
Chrome Valve Cover
Hollinger Sequential Transmission
Hollinger Shift Kit
Cusco RS LSD
Exedy Carbon Triple Plate
MT Cooler

::: Suspension:::
Tanabe Sustec Pro RR
Tanabe Front Strut Bar
Tanabe Rear Strut Bar
Tanabe Front Sway Bar
Tanabe Rear Sway Bar

Alcon 6pot Calipers
Alcon 4pot Calipers
Alcon Brake Lines
Endless Race Pads

:::Wheels and Tyres:::
SSR Type C
BF Goodrich Gforce KD

Rando Body Kit
Signal Auto GT-Wing

Bride Zeta II
Signal Original Gauges
Signal Shift Knob
Rays Steering Wheel
Carbon Panels
Stripped Interior
Roll Cage


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