FMU Velocity Stacks/M3 CRT

Velocity stacks are insanely beautiful. The good people over at Fluid Motor Union took it up a notch and turned it into a work of art.

The system is constructed out of aluminum and utilizes an Aquamist water-methanol injection system, running from a tank in the back through those ridiculously good-looking metallic blade-like arms over each stack.  Pure art, ’nuff said.  [via]

I’d buy that system and put it into the M3 CRT (Carbon Racing Technologies). Debuting their new carbon fiber production technique, BMW has replaced the steel hood with a carbon fiber piece worth just 1/4 of the weight.

The seats are carbon fiber also, while a titanium muffler, 19-inch alloys, reduction in sound-deadening material, and lightweight brakes round off the automotive diet.

BMW pins the 62mph dash in a conservative 4.4 seconds with upgraded coilovers and a 450-hp version of the M3’s V8, but the real slammer is that only 67 units will be produced in the same color scheme as shown, Frozen Polar Silver metallic with Melbourne Red accents and a black and orange interior.  Bummer!


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