I love the Gulf Oil color scheme.

I also like the new Lego Racers line of mini cars.  They’re so friggin’ cute in a rad way!

BMW Motorcycles wants to hop on the green wagon too, and with the HP Kunst hydrogen motorbike, it would put them well on their way.  Since it’s a concept, there’s the usual list of exotic materials and dreamy propulsion systems.  An aluminum frame keeps everything together while a fuel cell and a 20L cryogenic hydrogen tank provide the go for the show.  Electronic brakes and controls along with electromagnetic suspensions keep the ride smooth.

Clad in traditional blue and white, it exudes its sport bike persona, while dressed down in black, it looks every bit of a stripped down cruiser.  Although, I’m not sure at this time that I’d want to straddle a tank full of highly-explosive hydrogen.  [via]

Louis Vuitton is taking their personalization service one step further with their Mon Monogram program by allowing customers to add large custom colored stripes along with their initials on select bags and luggage.  With 17 colors to choose from for a total of over 200 million different color combinations possible, there’s finally a way for you to tell your LV bags apart from everybody else’s.

theKevinChen edition Keepall: the first new LV bag in history to be completely worthless. But still gangsta. Yeeeuuuuuh.

Personalize your own here.

If there’s one thing Japanese tuners are known for, it’s their beautiful burnt titanium exhausts and various metal bits.  I guess this was inevitable..

It’s not the greatest looking, but the idea is just freakin’ awesome.  The burn spots add a dash of color to an interestingly low cruiser.

The idea behind a live action Ghost in the Shell has been in the making for a long while now, and finally it seems the script will see the light of day with the help of writer and executive producer of Avatar, Laeta Kalogridis.

No word yet as to who will play Motoko Kusanagi (lead)

They could start with this cosplay girl though…

Eyes UP hahaha.  But seriously, I’m extremely excited for this movie.  Knowing that Battle Angel Alita and Ghost in the Shell are in the making, all I can hope now is they turn Appleseed into live action also.  [via]

Could this possibly be the Carrera GT’s successor?

Side exhaust and wheels are.. interesting.

Porsche introduced the 918 Spyder as a hybrid concept.  A hybrid packing a 500hp V8 along with two axle-mounted electric motors adding an extra 218hp to the mix.  Now that’s a hybrid.

Tiny cameras in place of side mirrors are sticking a wee bit far out.

That floating center console is ridiculously gorgeous.

If Porsche make good on its promises of 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and 94 mpg, they’re going to have a solid winner on their hands.


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